Cobalt leadership

About Steve McCaslin

Hi, I’m Steve McCaslin, the President of The Cobalt Group LLC. After spending a career in the military and 15+ years in the corporate world I decided to form Cobalt Group. 

In most of my positions with various companies, I actually worked with other companies to help them succeed too. It only seemed natural for me to take those business and leadership experiences and skills I had acquired and make them available to a broader audience of businesses, of all sizes.

Today I’m a Senior-level Business / Leadership Executive and Consultant and I bring 39+ years of proven leadership experience in both military and commercial business settings. In addition, I have 20+ years of experience developing and growing businesses in the commercial sector. During my corporate career, I have been directly responsible for generating over $500 million in new business revenue. I worked with a lot of good people and business owners to achieve that.

During that time I worked for, and with, many Fortune 100 companies in enterprise level software sales, business development, new business growth, strategic planning, operations management, training and development, business and leadership consulting, and various senior executive roles running organizations and businesses. 

So what does this mean for you and your business? It means I can help you achieve your goals.

My specialization is leadership development and mentoring, and at creating successful business plans, and the winning strategies, that lead to high-revenue growth. I am a self-starter, possess a tireless work ethic, and am a collaborative leader that builds winning teams. 

I am an excellent communicator, strategic thinker, and a hands-on, engaging leader who elicits the best from people to help them achieve their goals.

Contact me to see how I can help you with your business and leadership goals. I look forward to speaking with you!