The Cobalt Group LLC partners with you to provide the highest quality, individually tailored business consulting, leadership development services, and corporate training services to help you and your business succeed. 

Your business is your vision and we can help you achieve that vision by helping you and your teams develop the strategies/tactics needed to achieve your business and professional goals.

The Cobalt Group brings the rigor and discipline learned from exclusive military leadership training, operating in complex and mission critical environments, and and combines that with the knowledge and experience gained from 20+ years working in the business/corporate world. We use those experiences to help businesses and leaders apply proven principles to succeed and grow as a result. 

Let’s face it - businesses today face many complex challenges. The Cobalt Group can help you address and solve those challenges. You may need help optimizing your processes, managing change, increasing operational efficiency, or improving performance at all levels. We enable you to focus on the business that matters for your success, the success of your people, the success of your customers, and the growth of your bottom line.

The Cobalt Group works with companies of all sizes. Contact us to see how we can help you and your business!



All businesses are not the same. While some challenges you face may be similar to other businesses, the solution might not be the same. We ask questions, we listen, we act as an honest broker to help you find the right solution for you.

We will work onsite and offsite with you to assist with the development, coaching, and mentoring of your leaders and executives at all levels, as well as and the individuals, teams and organizations necessary to achieve your business goals. 

This hands-on approach helps develop a stronger culture of teamwork. It also leads to increased and more effective communication which enables everyone to understand what their job is, what the correct processes are, and what is expected of them. 

That approach leads to greater business success. 

The Cobalt Group has a large network of proven, trusted independent consultants representing all facets of business and leadership that work with us to deliver our services to you, our customers. 

We are deeply committed to your individual and business success.

Contact us to see how we can help!